Oct 23, 2011

3 Important Questions Before Starting Your Own Business

3 Important Questions Before Starting Your Own Business

Test yourself before starting your own business can prevent you from bankruptcy. Let's test your business skills with the following 3 questions. For those of you who want to do business, hmm ... should not have to rush. Let's say you are special, talented, and excel in certain areas. But all that does not guarantee that you are worthy to become a successful entrepreneur ... of course. For information, pioneered many as 627,200 new businesses in America in 2008. But tragically, that same year, 595 600 businesses declared bankruptcy. (Data based on U.S. SBA). According to the SBA, 30% of small business failures encountered upon entering the second year, and half of the presentation was decided to close the store within a maximum of 5 years. Tragic!

Why is this sort of thing could happen? In fact, many people start a business for the wrong reasons. If the base is wrong, then what else could be expected from a business? To avoid errors in starting a business, you should ask the following questions yourself and answer honestly .... yes.

Do I have talent business?
To be a successful entrepreneur, a person needs 3 expertise, innovative, active, and the ability to manage their business as well. Can I create new innovative products to remain competitive and I like people? I promote, and do I have the ability to manage the business well? If these questions are met, then it's time to go to the next question.

Am I disciplined?
Successful entrepreneurs are people who clearly are not fickle. Today, selling, first off tomorrow. The lack of consistency in running the business will make the customers or consumers become lazy and switch to other manufacturers. In addition to discipline, neatness and organizational skills are also essential. How could serve customers well if within its own organization in shambles? Check yourself yuk!

Am I willing to give up (some) personal life for the sake of business?
Let's say first before doing business, you are always active in the PKK, dance clubs, and stay ahead when attending a meeting of school children. When you decide to pioneer a new business, then all the regular schedule would be disrupted. Flexible attitude and tolerance are clearly needed if you want to start your own business. Are you ready to sacrifice hobbies, family, until a break in order to face a flood of orders? Does your spouse and children also support?

All of the above questions need to be thought through before you decide to change the dwelling into the store. If you feel confident and steady, with the Live the passion and perseverance. But if not, then both ends meet themselves with what is. Mothers agree?
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